The Best Digital Piano for Beginners for Every Price Range

Digital pianos come in a large range of prices, from under $500 to over $3000. I always encourage parents to purchase the very best instrument they can afford and it is better to start with a digital piano versus a keyboard. I’ve gathered a list of my favorite pianos for students in different price ranges.

Best Digital Piano Under $200

Yeah. Not really a lot in this range. All of the instruments in this range that are called digital pianos are not digital pianos. They are full-sized keyboards. You can, however, buy a separate keyboard stand. This budget level of pianos do not come with piano stands or frames. Stands cost about $100.

My Reluctant Recommendation: Williams Allegro 2

This is not a Digital Piano. But a full-sized keyboard. (Confused? Please see my main article about digital pianos.)

Dimensions: 13 x 51.6 x 5 inches

Weight: 38 poubds

Warranty: 1 year

Manual: Available here


  • 88 keys
  • Midi Out USB Port
  • Line Out Jack
  • Headphone Jack


  • It’s portable.
  • It has all 88 keys.
  • Music stand is included.


  • It’s not really a digital piano but a keyboard.
  • A keyboard stand is not included.
  • No pedal included.
  • No power source included either.

Best Digital Piano Under $300

There are not many options in this price range either and many are not digital pianos, but full-sized keyboards. Digital pianos in this range are extremely, extremely basic digital pianos, so they don’t have a lot of fancy features besides the fact that they have 88 keys.

My Reluctant Recommendation: vidaXL Classic

I don’t know much about this company or this piano. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to submit a review.

Dimensions: Width: 52.2 inches. Depth: 17″ inches. Height: 30.5″ inches.

52.2 x 15.4 x 30.5 inch

Weight: unknown

Warranty: unknown


Assembly is required!


  • LCD Screen
  • Recording Functions
  • Headphone Jack


  • It’s extremely affordable.
  • It seems to have decent, basic features.


  • I haven’t really heard of this brand before.

Best Digital Piano Under $500

This is the main starting point for entry level pianos. There are quite a few options for pianos under $500 though there are more and better options if you can add a couple hundred bucks to your budget.

My Recommendation: The Rhapsody 2

The Rhapsody 2 is made by Williams Pianos.

Dimensions: Width: 54 1/4 inches. Depth: 17″ inches. Height: 31″ inches.

Weight: 105 pounds

Warranty: 1 year

Manual: Available here.

Assembly is required!


  • USB Midi Port – A midi device is something that is helpful when trying to record music. In the past, these devices have used different “connectors” when trying to hook the piano up to a computer. Now, for the most part, these devices use a USB connection.
  • 2 track recorder – This means a person can record a part of a song, for example the right hand of a piano piece, and then go back and record a second part (the left hand of a piano piece) without erasing the first part. When the play button is pressed, both recordings play together.
  • Metronome – A very important tool that students need. The metronome is somethings that “clicks” at a certain speed. The speed can increase or slow down, depending on the song and how the student needs to practice.
  • Headphone Jack – Students can plug headphones into the piano and practice without disturbing a neighbor or family member that needs quiet. You will need an 1/4 inch adapter so that the standard headphone output can plug into the piano.
  • Stereo Jack – This means the piano sound can be directed towards something like a speaker or computer.


  • Overall, it has a pleasing piano sound plus several other instrumental sounds that it can change too.
  • Only two pedals are included. Most pianos have three pedals, though the soft pedal and sustain pedal are used the most at these are the ones that come with the piano.
  • Weighted keys that are mimic a regular piano fairly well.
  • The keys are the same size as a regular piano, and the feel and action is similar to a regular piano.
  • Great for beginners.


  • And while pedals are included, a bench is not. Students should purchase a piano bench separately.
  • The headphone jack is a bit tricky to find. It’s on the left side of the piano.
  • No dust cover.
  • Difficult to play more advanced pieces especially pieces that are fast or use a lot of chords.

Best Digital Piano Under $1000

This is the price range I recommend for most students. The quality of the sound, touch, and pianistic features are much, much better than digital pianos under $500.

Recommendation: P-115 Digital Piano

The P-115 is made by Yamaha.

Dimensions: Width: 23″ inches. Depth: 18″ inches. Height: 60” inches.

Weight: 87 pounds

Warranty: 3 years

Manual: TBA

Assembly is required!


  • Piano App – The really cool thing about this piano is that it lets you control the different features of the piano from a distance. This is especially great for very young students who don’t know how to use all of the fancy piano buttons.
  • USB Port – The port allows for a connection to a computer or ipad to play games.
  • All Three Pedals – This is very important. Most pianos have three pianos and even beginner students will definitely need to use the Sustain Pedal. And sometimes beginner piano students will need to use the Soft Pedal.
  • Dynamic Range – The dynamic range for this piano is extremely wide and impressive. This feature is very use as pianists become more advanced.
  • Graded Hammer Standard – An important feature known as GHS. This mimics a real piano by having a heavier feel for the low notes and a lighter feel for the high notes.


  • A padded piano bench is included (please be sure to purchase the correct one because there are different bundles available. The piano bench opens up for storage of sheet music. A lot of digital piano benches do not and a separate place for storing music is needed.
  • A sheet music holder is included. Again, very important… unless you want to hold up a student’s piano books while they practice! Again, please be sure to get the correctly bundled package that includes this feature.
  • Uses something called a Matte Keyboard Finish. Basically, if you’re hands are sweaty (like after  hours of practice) the moisture will be absorbed and your fingers won’t slip on the piano.


  • Difficulty play repeated notes very fast, though this will mainly affect intermediate or advanced students.

Best Digital Piano Under $2000

Digital pianos in this price range are some of the best, especially for a beginner student. I usually tell parents to stick to under $2000 for a digital otherwise you may as well purchase an acoustic piano. Over this price, you’re either paying for features you may not ever need or paying for the “brand”.

In this price range, many pianos have all of the same features and are all high quality, with little to no drawbacks.

Recommendation: CE220

The piano is made by Kawaii.

Dimensions: Width: 35″ inches. Depth: 20″ inches. Height: 54″ inches.


Warranty: 3 years

Manual: TBA

Assembly is required


  • Wooden Key Action
  • Two Headphone Jacks
  • USB Port
  • Metronome – Able to program a variety of different time signatures.
  • Midi Port
  • Line Out Jack


  • Piano Lamp
  • Piano Headphones
  • Piano Bench

Best Digital Piano Under $3000

There are only a few reasons for purchasing a piano in this price range:

  1. You want an excellent digital piano. And either you know you will not properly take of an acoustic piano OR you know you do not want to deal with the upkeep. An acoustic piano needs to be tuned twice a year. It also needs to be kept in a good location in your home to keep it healthy. Every few years it will need more than just a tuning. Basically, it’s like owning a car.
  2. You know child will take piano lessons long-term and will eventually play advanced pieces.
  3. You are a piano instructor.

For anything other than the reasons above then you would probably do better with a digital piano under $2000.

Recommendation: YDP-163B

The piano is made by Yamaha.

Best Digital Piano Under $5000

These are top of the line pianos. They have a lot of fancy features, top-quality sounds, and are well-known brands. And a lot of them look more like a regular piano. In my opinion this range is only for advanced pianists or piano teachers. Though, if you can find a good deal then they would make an excellent choice for a beginning student.

Recommendations: DP-90SE-PWC

The piano is made by Roland.

Best Digital Piano Over $5000

Over $5,ooo for a digital piano is definitely overkill for a beginner. But these instruments are high quality and you’ll most likely not regret your purchase. Your beginning piano student will also be more likely to practice piano on a regular basis and to stick with piano much longer.


Because you spent $5000+ on a piano. This would be true for digital and acoustic pianos.

Recommendations: Kurzweil CGP220W

The piano is made by Kawaii.



Hopefully, this has helped you decide on the best piano for your beginner student. If not, please feel free to browse some of my posts that go into more depth and detail about digital pianos in the different price ranges.


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